Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh perempuan

Hrmm...dalam tulisan kali ini, saya ingin mengutarakan masalah 'ego' yang ada pada manusia.I really hate it when the girls are not so into the 'friendship' thingy before going furhter in a relationship. For me, people think I am a jerkbag and not good enough for her to be my girlfriend. I am enjoying life as a bachelor but enough is enough. I did all my best to her and gave her everything that she ever that not good enough? I fall to this girl long time ago and hoping that she will always gonna love me back but life is not that easy. I also have shame in waiting for you dear..but can you at least look at me and say nay...I don't want to be your girlfriend and buzz off. Thats when I know when to back off trying cause I know that I don't have chance, don't just keep quiet girl because I really need an answer to be sure and thus, my effort is not a waste!

Guys, before I wrote this blog, I wonder that I need someone to refer because I might offend some ppl...after considerations (which was non), I decided to write whut I like because girls sucked big time. Hey! its not always about you girls trying to get to date a guy and have a happy endings! Don't expect that every relationship will get easy and smooth. You have to overcome obstacles in a relationship and thus that what makes a relationship grow! I believe in meeting people and have spending time, money and emotions before having a mutual relationship because thats the thing that will your relationship grew stronger and far off better!

I tell you, good relationship is not something that you can build in a night but it comes from a hard and long trust and determination to go on. You also have to share your life with somebody you know and will trust that good things will happen to you!

Enuff writing bout this..I have a class to attend tomorrow!

En Mustaffa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Movie Goers....

The Transporter 2- Word is that this sequel would do better than the 1st movie. However, the movie disappointed me when he again transported human cargo. A Colombian drug cartel however later kidnapped the son of a leader of a drug fighting community in Miami and Martin (Statham) has to save the entire drug fighting community from the evil prick.
Remember Mission Impossible 2? Well, the way they want to distribute the virus in T2 was similar where they want to spread the disease through biological warfare affair. There were also “Jacky Chan” fights and heavy abuse of German (European) engineered cars.
So, for moviegoers…it is strongly recommend not to watch this movie cause it will be just another MI and Jacky’s movie combined. It was also a waste of money cause I did not got my caramel popcorn (and later end up munching Malteaser). How disappointing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hello, I went to Helensville to attend a course for RA (Resdident Assistant), actually, its more like a short holiday for two days where you can just go ahead of what you want to do at the camp. I enjoyed the whole two days at the camp and there were no stress at all...everybody were smiling by everybody and we had lots of fun, the gathering, food, spors were superb and I enjoyed it.

Phil, Daniel and me were the RA's from TRC(The Railway Campus), everybody was having fun as we all practised bola sepak! I was kicking the ball all over the field and most of the RA joined the group. RAs like Andrew and Isaie joined us to play soccer and there

Saturday, November 12, 2005

12th November 05

Its been a busy week in Railway, all the students are leaving the place as summer approaches in December...the weather was really hot and I found it really hard to cope for the first time (as I come from a hot climate country). The office was hot and I could not breath bacause of the heat caused by the sun today...NZ weather can be harsh sometimes...but I still enjoy playing soccer and rugby under the sun and sweating in NZ.

I met with Sam's mom (when I was working) and she was happy to see me, I am thrilled to see her since the last (saw her at her farm). As I continue working (doing the dirty dishes and linen with all the RA's), I saw few glimpse of the resident who are leaving Railway campus and most of them were Americans. I will miss some of them but they were also a few I never talked to since the beginning of the second academic semester. Some of them were so self-centered and could not stop making friends with other international friends. Thus,this phenomena in Railway campus made them seen as 'Kera Sumbang' in any activity done by TRC and the univerisity.

The whole day today was focused on working and working and looking at the pointing of Robin (manager) fingers on the thing that we should's made us like slaves and there were no fun at all! but no worries, I just 4get it thorough singing my own song (like Isabellaker, Lil Johnker)

Woh..penat..sleep first...bye

4th week in Onehunga High school

School Experience NZ- Second Semester 2005, Onehunga High School-4h week.

For the 4th week of school observation, we went the school after the school two weeks break and hoping the students get a fresh start. In my opinion, students are able to get back into form and are able to focus on studies after a good rest. Here are the details of the classes we went through in the third week.

First class- John Nesbett-900-1000- 20th of October 2005

In John class for this week, he repeated the topic that the students learned last week (13th of October 2005). It a repetition of what have happened a week before. The topic was about ‘Flash mobs- a new performance art’, there were three students however were separated from the mainstream due to the lack of English competency by the three students. In my opinion, the class were a bit awkward because I think the entire student must be engage in the same material so that they would have the same attention by the teachers. John was a bit distracted because he had to concentrate both mainstream and weak students. However, John further explained that the attention was about the motivation that the weaker students have where they are motivated to learn because they can understand what was being taught and could focus (engage) on the materials given by John.

Second class-Nonette Roberts-1000-1100-20th of October 2005

In this class, students were asked to put together sentence puzzles where each puzzles have their own, they were advised to complete the puzzles and put into their exercise book. In this exercise, students were encouraged to communicate with the lecturer to get inquire more information on what the puzzles supposed to resemble. This later will help the students to make sense out of what they asked the teacher earlier in the class. The one hour on the whole was used by the students to focus on the exercise rather than doing activities which may involve group discussion activity. Nonette uses one way communication as she gives instructions rather than two way discussions.

Third Class: Nonette Roberts -12.30-1330- 20th of October 2005

We made turns like usual and it’s time for me and Cheryl went to Nonette’s ESOL class. The topic which were discussed that day was about ‘Vitamins and Nutrient’, in this class, there were two way communication where the teacher (Nonette) interacted to the students to get information of the foods that have source of iron, zinc, etc. Through guided writing which were written earlier part of the class by Nonette. The students were able to relate the topic with the information sheets which were given earlier. The students were interested in listening to Nonette because the volume projection given. It certainly gave me a wakeup call because I was nearly sleeping in the afternoon class.

Fourth Class: Maria Huko-1430-1530-20th of October 2005

In the fourth class by Maria, they were going on to the new topic which is about speech presentation. Students were asked to do a speech about the topic they have researched earlier of the week and make a speech out of the material collected by the students. There was one way communication as Maria; gave the students notes to copy from the blackboard about on how make a successful speech delivery. Methods like cue cards were given to them so that the students are able to familiarise with the topic that they will be delivering.

3rd week in Onehunga High School

School Experience NZ- Second Semester 2005, Onehunga High School-3rd week.

For the third week of school experience, there were a bit stress and tension among the participants of school experience. This is due to the assignments and tests which we have to encounter. The stress happened due to the papers that must been hand in. Here are details of the third week.

First class- John Nesbett-900-1000- 13th of October 2005

In the class by John, we had a quick vocabulary review pronto. It is to make the students realise the words that they have in the article which was a new topic and it was about ‘Flash mobs- a new performance art’. Students listened to Johns’ reading of the text and later discussed the topic. John also uses flashcards to make the students realise and remember the words that they have in the text. The whole hour of the class were used by students to understand the vocabulary and learn of how and when they use the vocabulary. As most of the class were international students where English is not their mother tongue, they refer to the dictionary. There were Chinese, Tongan etc dictionaries available for students to check on the meaning of the word that they may not be familiar with.

Second class-Nonette Roberts-1000-1100-13th of October 2005

I was sick the whole class. I went to the staff room and rested for the whole class. However, after eating some medicine, I came back for the other two classes.

Third Class: John Nesbett-12.30-1330- 13th of October 2005

In the third class by John, he gave the students a new text which entitles ‘The Ghost that couldn’t rest’, as most of the students were Chinese. John purposely gave a Chinese old folk story so that they are familiarising the culture of their own. The purpose of the class was to teach grammar. John was focussing on verb forms, prepositions etc. In this class, students were also given fill in the blanks exercises and they were asked to focus on the exercise only. The class was noisy since they were many students and John uses his authority to control students’ behaviour. They then listen to him and thus later concentrate in their studies. The whole hour was based on finishing the exercise and made the students focus on the story.
Fourth Class: Maria Huko-1430-1530-13th of October 2005

In the fourth class by Maria, we learned about the oral language techniques. In the first quarter of the class, Maria presented the materials of the techniques and definition of oral language. There was only one way communication and there were hard times for Maria to ask her students to focus on what she was saying. The students were on and off; about the topic which was taught to the students as it was not interesting. The students were asked to just listen to her and would have written down the notes from the blackboard. Maria mentioned to us that the topic of the day is important so that they have a rough idea of what will the week after will offer to them.

2nd NZ school experience

School Experience NZ- Second Semester 2005, Onehunga High School-2nd week.

The second week continues where we were still motivated even tough the school was far from our place. Here are the details about the second week of the school observation.

First class- John Nesbett-900-1000- 22nd of September 2005

As this is the first time we joining John Nesbett class, we were hoping there will be changes and varieties in teaching the language to non-native speakers. Most of the students in the class were Asians and just arrive in New Zealand. The topic for the day was about ‘Flash mobs- a new performance art’. As this is a new topic for the students, John introduced the topic through the use of flashcards. The flashcards were seen as the most effective method to learn vocabulary to non-native speakers since they would able to read and memorize the word. They also might copy the words in their own exercise book. John believed that in order for a student understand the language. The teacher might also use several materials like flash cards to learn language (language studies).

Second class-Nonette Roberts-1000-1100-22nd of September 2005

Nonette often uses current issue to make the students learn English. The topic which was discussed was an environment issue where it is related to students’ social studies class. The students were asked of personal experience of the current issue which may relate to the class. I was surprised that the students were so concentrated to the class. They also changed their opinions (most of them). Later, they were given a fill in the blanks exercise to finish off the hours.

Third Class: Naomi Saxton -1130-1230-22nd of September 2005

For the third class, it was a mainstream class. It is where most of the students are native speakers and Maoris. The topic for the day was about a Tongan old folks stories. The students were asked to read it alone and later, they were given an exercise of filling in the blank. A student will read the answer and all the student would listen to him. This is because the student needs to listen to fill in the blanks. There were also opinionated questions given to the students so that they can ponder of what can be learn from the story. This would encourage the students to listen and later confident to answer the questions.
Fourth Class: Nonette Roberts -1230-1330-22nd of September 2005

In this class, the students were asked to the same work like they had last week. The same topic was discussed and it was ‘Human Reproduction System’. However, the students were paired together. They were paired through the level of the English (language proficiency). For those who are weak, they were helped by their teacher; they will use the computer and learn the language (vocabulary). All of the students discussed the topic through the notes that they have and used in previous class.

Fifth Class- Maria Huko- 1430-15.30-22nd of September 2005

In the last class, most of the students do not finish the assignment that they supposed to hand in. Maria later played an Italian movie and later focused on the students questions on the assignment. For your information, it is also the last week for the semester. They will have a two week break. After the class, Maria showed us the poem posters which were done earlier of the quarter of the semester. The students work would later be paste onto the walls of the classroom so that everybody can read their friends work.

1st week School Experience

School Experience NZ- Second Semester 2005, Onehunga High School-1st week.

It is a very exciting to go on to the first experience of observing teaching in New Zealand schools. The team is consisting of me, Cheryll, Hizrian and Farhana. Through the crash course given by John Hope earlier about schools in New Zealand. I found out that the information was helpful for me to understand the school system fast. We delighted to meet Nonette Roberts, the teacher who is in charge of our observation. She explained of further about Onehunga High school e.g. teachers’ roles in facilitating students learning. We were also been introduced to other teachers in English department e.g Mr. John Nesbett and Miss Maria Huko.

First class- Miss Michelle -900-1000- 15th h of September 2005

As it was the first class, we were asked to join Maria’s’ drama class. Michelle checked the attendance using a computer (that is a new experience to me). At the time we arrive, they are working on a Shakespeare play which is the ‘A Midnight Summer Dream’. The class consist of 20 to 25 students and it was noisy and loud. However, Michele managed to control them by using authority and this made them listen to her. The objective of the learning was to ask the students to group themselves. There were props team and actor teams. Students do all the discussion of the group and Michelle has to facilitate them. We were quite sad when we were told that we will not coming to Michelle’s classes again due to time school which changed. It was a wonderful class to observe as it is a mainstream class which were offer to us.

Second class-Nonette Roberts-1000-1100-15th of September 2005

For the second observation, Nonette was teaching a non native speaker class. It is totally attended by international students who are not competent in the English language. The topic of the day was ‘Asking Questions’. The purpose is to make the students familiar with the concept o asking when they want inquire for information. Nonette gave instructions to assist them in learning the topic. As the students were weak, there were also translations made by the teacher. The students also used dictionary to find out the meaning. There were also computers which were used to assist learning and thus, this enables them to learn the language.

Third Class: Nonette Roberts -1320-1420-15th of September 2005

This was the third class to observe, we were in Nonette’s class since there were still no classes available to accept us. The topic for the day was about ‘Human Reproduction System’. Nonette mentioned about the importance of the topic to the students as it relates to one of the topic in the students science class. In this class, Nonette uses computer to attract students to listen to her. The students liked the colourful slide shows of the human reproduction system. She would just give instructions so that the students would follow. There were also rewards for students who answered correctly the question given by Nonette. This is to ensure that the students are focused during learning.

Fourth Class: Maria Huko-1430-1530-15th of September 2005

The fourth class was held in the school computer lab. Maria asked the students to continue on their research about the things that they want to discover e.g. World War, Rugby etc. and later present it as a poster in the classroom the week after the class. They were all focused onto the computer and engaged in the studies. Maria was just facilitating the learning. The whole hour was finished by browsing through the internet and brochures, old newspapers.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tamadun...giler nyer esei (3 jam buat buat mender nieh)